Our Story

We exist to be a part of the craft beer conversation.

We believe that the craft beer culture is special. It embodies the past, it explores the present, and it looks to the future. Our favorite part of this culture is that it keeps people being people. Anyone can make a friend when they sit down for a beer, no matter what you are, and that’s the truth.

IBUtiful merges a little fun female attitude with our love for the craft world. We only write titles that make us laugh, and we only write posts about topics that we want to explore. Here we attempt to mix the worlds of beer, sex, fashion, and fermentation, and fingers crossed, we will get you to crack a smile or two along the way.

Read on. Drink on. Live on.

Who We Are 

The Blonde: My name is Pauline and I was born and raised a natural blonde. I grew up in Michigan and I am not ready to leave. I discovered a passion for craft beer after many visits to Short’s Brewing Company and I am thrilled to now be a part of the Short’s team working with the marketing/PR team. I love beer and the people who make it. I believe the ticket to success is surrounding yourself with awesome people, and I am pretty darn lucky when I look around. Beer is superb, but so are long horseback rides on the beach, deep emotional quotes about life, and companies who know how to bring their brand to life. Irish music is great and dancing is the best thing to be. pauline.m.knighton@gmail.com

Favorite quote- “Wisest is she who knows she does not know.” – Jostein Garrder


The Brunette: I’m Rachel, a brown haired, blue eyed lass from day one. My love for craft beer started with tending bar, trying a friends new homebrew, and checking out the breweries of my hometown, Grand Rapids, MI. My love continues to grow and flourish as I travel Northern Michigan as a Short’s Brewing Co. Beer Liberator. I am always willing to break down beer misconception and I love the feeling of excitement I get when I first sip something new and different. I believe craft beer is here to stay and I aspire to learn something unique every day. Northern Michigan is my home and I couldn’t be happier connecting with the amazing community and going on northern adventures. Bruce Springsteen will always be The Boss. Embrace the seasons. Smile. repayne86@gmail.com

“Wherever beer is brewed, all is well- Wherever beer is drunk, life is good.” Czech Proverb



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