Drinking Beer Never Looked so Good

Good news from New York Ladies. The 2014 New York Fashion week focused more on loose clothing styles than years past. Dveborah Needleman, editor in chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, says that this year there was a noticeable focus on comfort and that is “good news for real people.” I can be fashion forward, drink beer, and have a little room to breath? Whaaaat?!

Friday was the last day of Fashion Week 2014 and the trends noted at this event will most likely be spotted in stores next season. Keeping up with trends is time consuming and no doubt a little exhausting, but it is fascinating to see what spectacular-ness walks down those runways and comes out of those brew kettles! So this spring when you can’t decide what beer to pick up at the store or order at the bar, we recommend checking out your outfit for inspiration.

Here are three 2014 Fashion Week trends and respective New York beers that pair quite nicely.

MakeAStatementTrend #1: Making a Statement
This year, you are given the “thumbs up” to wear your feelings on your sleeve. You now have permission to tell the world how you really feel. (I was getting worried I would have to keep it to myself forever.)
Suggested Brew: Southampton Double White 

The Double White is a Southampton original. A double gravity version of the classic Belgian style white ale makes this style more complex, more alcoholic, and more intense. Just like those words on your chest, this beer is unfiltered. With citrus and spice character from orange peeland coriander, Double White will put a little zing into your life.

CropTopTrend #2: Crop Tops
 The crop top is back this spring and these are no Clueless matter. Skintight is out and the sexy modern working girl is hitting the streets. Streamline with a few simple colors, this versatile piece creates a statement without creating hassle.
Suggested Brew: Southern Tier 2xONE
Southern Tier reduces this beer down to just its essential ingredients: Mosaic hops and Specialty Pale malt. This two-ingredient recipe creates a more complex experience than one could image. Simplicity has never been so sexy.


Trend #3: Ruffles, lots of them
Ruffles are in, but these are no girlie matter: they mean business. Models  powered down the runway in pieces that were fit for royalty. Folds of material layered itself precisely on the females bodies creating artistic sculptures.
Suggested Brew: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
This is Brooklyn’s grown up version of Stout, an Imperial Stout with three mashes and deep, dark chocolate flavor. This stout, fit for a queen, ages beautifully and the bottle itself is quite elegant.

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