Tasting Craft Beer- Bloodhound Technique

Remember craft beer isn’t just about drinking, but experiencing. It’s art in a glass. Here are some quick tips to heighten that experience.



Girls Know How to Butt Across the WWW and Beyond

A Wednesday evening of googling “women in beer” led me to the site, The Pink Boots Society. I am slightly embarrassed to admit this is my first exploratory visit of the site. I have had the pleasure of getting a beer with two Pink Boot Society women and they were, and are, pretty neat women to say the least.

After hitting tabs and checking out the blog, the pink-laden site led me to two note-worthy discoveries.

1. Girl Talk HQ– A website run my a group of women who scour the world wide web to find noteworthy stories of female amazingness. This is a site worth checking out on a regular basis.

2. The Empowerment Project by: Girl Talk HQ- An “in-progress” project of story gathering and arranging into a documentary to highlight strong professional women. The documentary group ask these women how they define success and their thoughts on improving female roles in the workplace.

Girl Talk HQ’s documentary project made a stop in San Francisco to chat with Teri Fahrendorf, the first female brew master west of the Rockies, the first female brew master in California, and the first female brew master in Oregon. Teri is also the founder of The Pink Boots Society. Talk about a women kicking butt in beer…Teri is now on my people I must meet list.


The film is scheduled to be released this spring and I eagerly await how the crew will portray the women’s stories, as well as portray women’s current place in the professional whelm.

Happy exploring!

Photo Credit: Girl Talk HQ